Change of heart

So Odi loves her Mommy. That's no secret right? We have been trying to get her to love Daddy, but it is slow coming. I have said this before but If I am holding the others she will wedge her way in between but have never gotten documentation since I have my hands full when this occurs. But for some reason today, Odi LOVED her Daddy. she would go to him and want him to hold her even though I was available. She would randomly give him kisses without him asking. I don't know what snapped in her but I DON'T LIKE IT! Hypocrite, I know, but it was sad! Sam loved it and he deserves a kiss or two too (I guess). Anyway, Sam got some of the love treatment I usually get! It was kinda nice for both of us! Piper and Thaddeus HATE it when she does it, but Sam doesn't seem to mind it! They even sat and watched TV together. It was a first and hopefully NOT the last!
Maybe we will have a Daddies girl after all!!!!!!

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