Sticky head

Odi will eat and eat and eat, IF she likes what I give her. Her favorite breakfast is toast. She will eat about 3 to 4 slices of bread and about a full 8 ounces of whole milk. (You would think she was 20 pounds, but she is still 16) When she starts to get full she will throw it on the floor, obviously the best place for food, or put it on her head. It is even better if it is sticky! She was giggling uncontrollably! It was so cute. I couldn't decide which picture had the better smile, so I just downloaded all of them! You can be the judge!


Aileena said...

i cant believe you have 3 now!!!! thet are all so beautiful. congrats

Rina said...

What a happy baby! I can't believe such a teeny little thing can eat so much!