Family Photo

The Richardsons!
We went to Arizona, as you probably know, and went to see Sam's youngest and last brother to get married. This is ALL 8 of Sam's siblings, their spouses and ALL their kids. I did have one niece and her husband that couldn't make it down from Utah that weren't there and we really missed them! The last Richardson family photo was 10 years ago and they only had 3 grandchildren at the time. They have almost 25 now. (If you include the grandchild that married into the family) I hope we don't wait another 10 years before we are all together again!! I love this family and I am glad I get to be a part of it for now and all eternity!!


Grammy of 9 said...

What a great looking picture! Everyone looks great. Must have taken quite a bit of coordination!

Nikki said...

Only a few months!