New Year New Schedule

(This year we go to church at 11:30 instead of 9 o'clock. Sam and I would have LOVED to go late before we had kids. But now that we have them and with lunches and naps, 11:30 is HORRIBLE! 11:30 is normally lunch and noon is nap time for Odi and 12:30 is nap time for Thad. Instead we had to do a late breakfast / early lunch and have a grouchy baby all threw church. We were still late to church this morning. ????)
anyway, Today I became a proud parent of a primary aged child! Piper is now a SUNBEAM!! Thaddeus is now in Senior Nursery and Odi is just 8 short months away before she can go to Nursery. (Which means, I will be childless threw church for a at least 1 month! YAY!!) Piper was so excited, Thaddeus only cried in his new room with his new teachers for a few minutes and Odi was grouchy all day. Sam had all his meetings before church and still got to sleep in till 9. All-in-all we had a pretty good Sunday!


charlotte said...

Am I reading this wrong or are you saying a month after Odi goes to nursery you will be having baby #4? Am I reading this wrong?

charlotte said...

That sounded rude...if you are in fact pregs...CONGRATS!

Nikki said...

No, I'm not pregnant. I am just shooting to have one in nursery before the next comes. It was a small goal but an important one! Thaddeus was only 14 months old when she was born so I had two out of nursery and I prefer not to do that again!