My Valentine's Day

OK so the night before Valentines Day, Sam was out with the Missionaries. They walk back to the van from an investigators house and the back windshield is busted! We don't know what broke it? Some belt in Sam's car slipped off so he had to drive the van to work Monday morning. But since I had to go take it to get the window replaced he came home for lunch and I took him back to work in downtown South Bend. Then I drive back 15 miles to get the window fixed. I get lost trying to find the window place. It is in the middle of nap time so some of the kids are sleeping. I had to get them out of the car and wake them up. They weren't to happy about that, and had to wait over an hour in a nasty shop waiting for the van with 3 cranky and tired babies. Then I had to go to Target and get a few things and of course Target didn't have it so then I go to Wal-Mart. Then I have to go and pick up cupcakes that Sam ordered for me. I then go back to get Sam from work. After work things got a little bit better for me, but up until then I could NOT wait till Valentines Day was over! Sam ordered us dinner from Outback and brought it home. We then ate dinner and dessert and watched a movie! SO evening was great, but lets home next years is missing the headache! I did forget that I made the kids pink heart pancakes. They were a big hit! This picture sums up our waiting for the van! Thad's face says it all! The best hour of our day!! Playing in Daddies office. We got their early so we went inside and waited for him. Odi found his snack drawer!!

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