Piper's Pretty Princess Party

We had Piper's 4th Birthday Party this past weekend. She doesn't turn 4 till the 30th but we wanted Daddy at the party and next weekend is General Conference. Piper of course wanted a Princess theme. So we made a Princess Ballroom and had music playing while they danced and played. We made necklaces and bracelets and watched a Princess movie. We played musical chairs and had a princess cake and opened presents. Thaddeus was supposed to be napping with Odi but he knew things were going on down stairs. Luckily Odi did sleep threw the entire party!! That part of my plan worked. Piper planned all the activities. As a special surprise to her, we got her a new princess dress to wear. Her favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty cause her dress is her favorite color. All the balloons that are still in me living room 2 days later at very annoying but Piper wants to keep some streamers and balloons till her real birthday. We had a FANTASTIC TIME! I still can't believe that MY BABY IS 4!!!!!
She was moving so fast but her face was thrilled!!
Her new "Rose" dress
All the Princesses watching their Princess movie with Popcorn of course
She LOVED her cake. I was going to try to make on but I have been so super busy that I just bought one. She LOVED it anyway! Maybe next year I will try??? Maybe? Remember, my talent is buying others talents!
When the party was over, our neighbor friends came over and they had a great time dressing Sam in the streamers!
We sure do love you P-do! I hope I can be the best Mommy for you and make you proud of me!

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Grammy of 9 said...

Looks like a wonderful party! Did all the little girls have dresses to wear or did you furnish them? Sounds like you went all out, and I'm sure everyone had a blast. Sam looks adorable, too!