General Conference

This weekend is General Conference. Which means we stay home and listen to our Prophet tell us important spiritual messages given from our Heavenly Father. Which also means time for Ebel Skivers again. This has to be one of my favorite Richardson traditions. Sam will make the batter, I cook 'em up and we all devour! We usually try to invite visitors to share with us these awesome round balls of heaven. This year we invited the Missionaries. As always they were a big hit! We also have fruit, so we don't feel to bad for dipping pancakes in butter then sugar, then drinking chocolate milk. If you only do it twice a year, you can afford to splurge!
This was Odi's first real year for them and as a true Richardson, she ate more Ebel skivers that I did! She loved them!!! I think she likes the fruit more though. But Odi would rather have broccoli than a cookie.

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Grammy of 9 said...

I remember how delicious they are! Ihope the missionaries enjoyed them. Odi sounds like her Aunt Kelli! She always wanted veggies instead of sweets. So much better for her! Wish her MeMe was more that way!