I didn't take a picture before but it was long. Like almost 1 inch from my waist. WAY TO LONG!!! So I had my first real haircut in 3 1/2 years! It feels SO SHORT! I wanted it about 2 inches longer, but in 2 months it will be there and it will be fine. I have swoop bangs and it is cut around my face, but I have my bangs pulled back so I could function at home.
Sam says he prefers it long but when I walked in the door he didn't seem to disappointed.
What do you think, look ok?


Grammy of 9 said...

Of course I think it looks great. I'm glad you left it dark and didn't streak it or anything. As long as Sam didn't have a cow, I'm happy.

Richardson Five said...

Gorgeous. I love it short!

Guys always like longer. It doesn't even matter if it looks good, as long as it's long. Silly boys.

Becca said...

You look beautiful!

Leesa said...

I love it! I know what you mean about keeping the bangs out of your face at home. My hair stylist takes my hair clips away from me, but she doesn't have kids yet so she doesn't understand!!! We are constantly bent over to talk to a little short person!