Where have I been lately?

  • I haven't blogged much. Not from the lack things to blog about, but because I have so much going on that by the time the kids get in bed I sit on the couch and don't move till Sam says he is going to bed about 3 hours later. Lazy? probably, Wonderful? Absolutely!
  • It was 85 degrees today!!! I didn't want to complain cause it was finally not freezing, but 2 days ago it was 40 degrees. It was a big change. So we spent the afternoon outside! Playing in the dirt is apparently awesome when you are little.
Aren't my girls gorgeous! That is not a question!
Odi LOVED getting dirty!
  • I was determined to get our backyard cleaned up and redone. Sam finally got time to do the dirty work while I was hosting a baby shower. He got the ground leveled and got rid of the awful grass and weeds. It is up to me now to plant grass, plant flowers, and make it pretty. Which Piper and I am pretty excited about doing!
Piper's future flower bed
Hopefully by the end of the week, weather permitting, I will have something amazing started!
  • Oh and I hosted my first baby shower on Saturday, all by myself! It was intense trying to make sure it was a fantastic time for the mommy, but it was fun! We recruited the daddies to help decorate all the cupcakes. I would have done it a little more OCD like, but I was grateful for their help, it would have taken me days to finish all of them, and they were a hit at the party. The ladies loved that daddy did them!

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Grammy of 9 said...

Odi looks darling with her dirty face! I didn't figure I'd ever see her with one! The dads did great! I bet you did, too.