Don't worry I am not bragging about my kids again (for the moment) I want to brag about my husband. He hasn't done anything extraordinary, well any more extraordinary than usual, but he is so understanding and when I am complaining about being pregnant or my back hurting or asking for help with dishes or kids, he never says no, or complains himself, and always at least acts like he understands! When I tell him I am not making dinner that night he doesn't yell at me or complain he just takes charge! I know you are thinking, well my husband does all that to.... and I hope he does but I once had a husband that wouldn't get me a drink if he was already in the kitchen. He wouldn't let me have less than 2 jobs cause he didn't want me to be lazy, he would fix dinner but then eat it all himself and tell me it didn't look like I needed more calories that day. Having a loving husband is something to be thankful for and never take for granted.
I love you Sambo and I love that you love me!


Grammy of 9 said...

I love that he loves you, too. He has no idea how much that means to a mommy.

Betsy Morris said...

Hey Girl. I use a book called "Potty training in less than a day". I adapt it to me and my kids, and that has been my success. Like I said I adapt it to me. Call me if you want to talk. I am getting ready to start potty training on my little boy. 512-296-6966

Love ya girl!

Unknown said...

What a nice anniversary. Wow you really have nice friends to do that for you.