Cleaning the church

We cleaned our church this morning. One of the toilets was clogged, all the bathrroms smelt like a latrine, and lucky Sam got to deal with it all. I felt horrible! Normally, a wife should relish watching her husband scrubbing and mopping and wiping and plunging a bathroom, but it made me want to cry! I kept trying to take over but he wouldn't let me. It's kinda like if I went to work and Sam stayed home with the kids. It felt backwards and I work hard so Sam doesn't have to do any cleaning. Watching him do it was heartbreaking. It was the first and last time I hope Sam has to clean a bathroom while we are married and I plan to be married to him for the rest of my life!!!!


MegRich said...

You are too good of a wife! Jake cleans the toilet all the time (but let's face it... he's the that gets it so messy! jk... kinda). Well, if you felt like you missed out on our camping trip latrine, now you've made up for it ;)

salena said...

ditto to megan, you're the nicest wife!!
steven gets the tub so yucky after all that mechanic work on the helicopters and when he works on his cars.. that i just have him take a shower with ajax and a scrubber!