My Teebs

Just 2 weeks ago, he needed help with shoes, and getting dressed and buckling himself in the car seat and he was still wearing diapers! Now he is my BIG BOY and doing it all!! I can't believe how easy it is to potty train him. I will probably eat my words now, but once he decided he wanted to do it, it is a piece of cake. We have had a few accidents, but only 4 in the past week. I took him shopping in Wal-Mart and he didn't have any problem. I took him to Nursery and he did awesome. Even held his poop till I came to take him potty. Every time I take him, he can pee for me! And if he poops he gets fruit snacks. Needless to say, he tries to poop every time! He is in his "Spiderman" undies all day and in a pull up at night! I forgot to take him this afternoon for about 2 hours and he held it in!!!! He hasn't came to me and told me he has to go yet, but I usually take him about every 20 minutes. I didn't have to do a sticker chart or bribes or anything that I had to do with Piper. He just said one day, "Papa goes pee in the potty, I want to." That's all it took! He is just so big all the sudden! He talks non stop and wants to be my big helper and listens so well! He is an amazing little boy and I fall more in love with him everyday!
I love you T-Bud!

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Grammy of 9 said...

This post is great! I'm so happy T-bud is working it out on his own. That is always best. We are so proud of him! I love all of these pics. Miss you all!