Why can't we be normal and just watch TV?

I don't let my kids watch a lot of TV (if they do it is usually a movie) So instead of a show what else to do but cause craziness. I wish the picture wasn't so dark, but all 3 got in on the fight. Even baby Odes needed to get some craziness out! She held it wrong most the time, but we are learning! Causality of war. (Sorry about the boy. We are potty training) Daddy means business Sam's new trick.
Why can't we just be normal and watch TV??

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Rina said...

Ha ha! I love this post. My kids love foam swords too, but you have a foam mace? That is awesome. Good job to Thaddeus on his potty training! I hope Alina is easy, because my boys were HORRIBLE. Oh, and tell Sam he is cool. Nice handstand. When is he going to be on Ninja Warrior?