Summer Days

Summer is winding down, unless you are a member of my household!!!! None of us are going to school till next year, so we can still party!!! Why not celebrate that with a sprinkler!?
I told the kids to say cheese and instead you get yet another crazy face from Teebs and dancing from P-Do. What can I say, they are their fathers children!
SO CUTE!!!!!
What is a day outside without scooter riding. She is getting really fast!
We were twirling in the water. Odi was doing it 2 seconds earlier with her, but of course I am never fast enough! It looks like Teebs is escaping on his trike!
***Oh and we are on day #2 where Teebs woke up and wanted undies, and Day #2 of no accidents!!! I don't know what changed that kids mind, maybe he will change it again, but so far he goes every time I take him and is excited to be a big boy!!

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