The talk

So a few things have happened that has made me think about having a talk with my kids. Not a sex talk, hopefully I can avoid that one a few more years, but one about not taking off our clothes or letting anyone touch our bums etc etc. Most kids that get molested, get molested as little children, like 2 to 4. So I decided to talk to my kids about what is appropriate and what isn't. Sam and I have always had a strict rule about diaper changing. If I am able, I do all the changing. No matter who is volunteering. Anyway, most kids that get molested are molested between the ages of 2 to 6 by someone their age or close to. So I might not be able to stop live from happening but I can try to prepare my kids for certain things. So after dinner last night, I brought up a few things like, not letting anyway touch our front or back bums, getting us to undress, or getting in a car with someone, or even letting a friend convince us to play in the street. We taught them to yell "NO" if something is happening they dont like or dont want to do. I HATE having this conversation at all. I don't want them to know things like this even happen. We tried not to scare them but make them aware that they don't have to do anything they don't want to do, except take a bath on bath night.
Have you or would you have this talk with your kids? What pointers would you give me?

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