New Doctor

We had a horrible pediatrician! We waited a minimum of 3 hours to see him every time. We had been forgotten about a couple of different times and the doctors and nurses were just rude! I had finally had enough and took a recommendation from my OB's office and got my kids into see a new pediatrician. I LOVE IT! They cared about my kids and answered any questions that I asked or didn't ask. Spent time with us and the best part, we were in and out in less than an hour!!! anyway, I found out that Odi is back up to 22 pounds and is the 50% for height and weight. Thaddeus is off the charts for height and in the 85% for weight and my BIG girl Piper is off the charts for height and weight! The doctor said she would be in like the 110% percentile! And someone finally listened to me about Thad's asthma. Thad has had a terrible cough and wheezing every time the weather changes. NO doctor would test him or even believe me little lone give him medicine. This new doctor just believed me and gave him an inhaler and is a brand new kid that is able to sleep threw the night now and not wake up coughing so bad he gags!!! YAY for a breathing son! SO thankful for doctors who like people and like making them feel better!

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