We had our very first Christmas at home this year! Our kids came down OUR stairs and saw their presents from Santa. We thought we would be really sad and lonely and we were but it was wonderful to be home! We had church at 10 so we came down the stairs and opened our stockings then left for church and came home and opened presents after church. The kids did great and never threw a fit to open a present and was very patient! We tried really hard this year to bring Jesus and his birth into the holiday and I think that helped with the understanding why we weren't going to open presents right away and why it was important to go to church.
On Christmas Eve we tried to take a family picture but with so many little ones and trying to use our timer on the camera, we got not so great photos. I had just had a baby about the time we we should have taken family photos for our Christmas card and I didn't really feel like it, but I thought we would send out a Valentines day card instead this year. Hopefully we can all learn to smile and love the camera by then!
Christmas eve was so fun! We got to set out the presents and fill the stockings and put together presents that Santa didn't have time to put together. I told Sam that he was finally a Dad and a grown up! Congrats Sam!
Teebs got a Spider-Man house. Acer got a steering wheel toy. Piper got roller skates that she has been dying for and is actually doing really well on. And Miss Odes got a baby bed.
Christmas morning!!!! Look at our happy little guy!
I don't think he understood how excited he was supposed to be. Odi on the other hand, understood perfectly!
Love his smile! I surprised Sam with a Blu-Ray player and some of his favorite movies! I told Sam we wouldn't get each other anything, but then I lied and saw a great deal on Black Friday. I braved Black Friday just for him! I must love my husband A LOT!
Never mind the chocolate on her nose, just look at her pretty happy face!!!
She banked this Christmas! She got babies galore and LOVED IT!!
My folks sent Sam a remote control helicopter and it was a huge hit! We had a FANTASTIC Christmas! My kids said thank you and never once complained about what they didn't get! I love Christmas and was so lucky to get to spend it with my little family!

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