Bud turns 3

My camera was out of battery but I got it fixed in time to take a couple of pictures to remember Thad's 3rd birthday!!! I can't believe it actually! I know I have 2 younger than him, but it still feels like he should be my little guy. We started out the morning with opening a few presents. Then we went to lunch at Red Robin (his choice) and they sang to him and brought himhis own ice cream! He was in Heaven. Then we hit the dollar theater. Everyone is sick with fevers and coughs but we still had a good enough time. Thad had a blast and that is what matters. Then we came home and had dinner, opened more presents and had cake. I am not baker so we just baked a cake and I put some of his action super hero figurines on the cake and called it good. He actually loved it, so it worked!
Thank you Meme and Papa for the trains. I told you he would love them!!
I could find them all and some wouldn't stand up on the cake so we only got a few on there but it still looked pretty good!
Happy Birthday Bud! We love you and you bring us so much happiness and joy! Your smiles brightens my day! Hope you had a great birthday!

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