Sam turns 29

It has become a tradition that on Daddy's birthday, the kids get him toys. So upholding the tradition (that Sam started) Piper got him a LaLa Loopsy Pirate figurine. Odi got him a Littlest Pet shop Dog. Thad got him Star wars figurines and Ace got him Thor figurines. I surprised him at work with a cupcake from our favorite bakery and took him to lunch. We had pizza for dinner. Sam got a supreme. We never get supreme, but for his birthday we did. What we don't do to make our man happy!
Piper and Thad wanted to make him a Spider man cake. So we dyed the cream cheese frosting blue and put on red sprinkles. They really tried to get toys they thought Sam would like and make him a cake they thought he would like. They tried to be as thoughtful as a 4 and 2 year old can be! Odi didn't care to much about anything but the dog toy she got for him.
I hope you had a FANTASTIC birthday babe! We love you!

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