It finally snowed. We usually have snow before now, but the longer it stays away, the happier I am! This is our LAST Winter in Indiana!!!! Hopefully next year we are back home in 70 degree weather!! Not 20! Anyway, we went out and enjoyed it!
Odi didn't really play in the snow last year. She was only 8 months old and didn't care much for it. It is the same this year, but we bundled her up and Sam just put her in the snow. She didn't move til Daddy came back and got her, but she didn't throw a fit.
Thaddeus and Piper of course loved it! When we told them it doesn't snow in the Arizona valley to much and this would be our last Winter with this kind of snow, they got sad! Nah, they'll get over it!!! hehe
And this is what Ace did threw all the snow fun! Lucky kid!

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