Just Whatever

I have taken a lot of random pictures the last couple of days and instead of separating them, I am just going to throw them all into one entry. So try to keep up with the random craziness!
His face caught the flash, but look at those baby blues!!!
Here he is again when you can actually see his whole face. His hands are a permanent fixture in his mouth these days.
My house lately has been swarming with super heroes. They all have capes and swords. Even Ace and Odi had them on, but Odi decided to be a princess instead and Ace took his off to eat.
I asked Teebs what he wanted for a snack and he told me a salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing and croutons. Yes Sir!
Spider man has made a lot of appearances lately as well. At least my house wont get attacked!
Sam volunteered to help me with dinner since I was dealing with a fussy/screaming baby. I walked in and saw this amazing sight! How can you not love him?
Teebs wanted Ace to play spider man too. We all laughed for about 10 minutes! Ace even laughed and thought it was funny!
Some of the things I am total in love with at the moment is my pink fuzzy slippers. Thank you "Santa"!
Something else I am totally infatuated with is leg chubs!!! Not my leg chubs but these legs chubs!! Aren't they to die for?
"I WANT THAT" He was having a staring contestant with Pipers play phone. His face was so intense and determined.

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