All before 10 a.m.

I go to the grocery store every Monday morning to get the groceries I will need for the rest of the week. And yes, I take all 4 kids with me. We were almost done and Piper scraps her finger on something and cuts it. I told her I was sorry she got hurt and that I would get her a band-aid when we got home. I then reminded her that is why we have the rule to keep our arms in. "We have rules to keep us safe and happy" So we head to the check out and Piper says "Mom, LOOK!" It was bleeding. It came to about a small drop but she was right, she was "bleeding" I tell her ouchie and remind her I will get her a band-aid at home. It seriously was not bleeding enough to even need a Kleenex. We head out to the car, I get everyone loaded in and buckled, all but Piper since she can do it herself. Piper tells me she has to go potty and I tell her we will be home in about 3 minutes and she can go potty then. I load the groceries, get in the car myself and start to drive off. Boring story right? Here is where it gets good. I am driving and see that Piper is standing up leaning on the seat in front of her. (She sits in the back of the van). I start to yell at her to get in her seat and get buckled, that it wasn't safe to stand and not have a seat belt on. She isn't listening or moving. So I start to get mad! I pull over to really yell at her. I get out climb in back and sit her down and she has her eyes closed and is deathly white. Absolutely NO BLOOD in her face. I start to freak out. I yell her name over and over. It seems like eternity, but after about 6 Pipers, she opens her eyes, and says "what Mom". I start to breathe again and realize she had passed out. I ask her what is wrong and she says "Nothing, I'm fine" I asked her if she was dizzy, if she was going to throw up etc etc. She looked down and I said "Are you peeing your pants?" SHE WAS! She was so out of it and disoriented and things were just not connected in her. I found out later that she was freaked out by the blood on her finger. This girl has fallen and scraped her knees, she has bleed before. Way more than she did today. She was fine for about 20 minutes after she cut her finger. I still don't know what all happened? I do know that I NEVER have to see that again. My baby lifeless and white. I didn't know she was passed out or that anything was wrong except disobedience (which is so not like Piper to disobey like that). I thought I was going to have to explain to her Daddy that she died. Seriously it was so scary! I felt bad for yelling at her, but like my sister said "She wont remember it anyway" Lets hope not. She had a headache and her neck hurt but she is fine now! THANK GOODNESS!

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Rina said...

I was wondering if we'd get the play-by-play. Glad she's okay now. Sorry you had the scare. Nobody wants to see their child less than perfectly healthy and well. Hopefully this was just a one-time deal and not something she'll have to deal with for life. Get out the bubble wrap!!