Fun Facts!

So, I have learned a lot of watching these dang birds that I am completely in love with! Things that I never thought about cause who really thinks this much about birds?

  1.  The Daddy birds sticks around and helps find food for them, and will help sit on the eggs while the Mommy takes a break! 
  2. (TMI) The eggs are "fertilized" while still inside the Momma Bird. (They have intercourse like we do, kinda)
  3. They are really good mommies!
I have issues about the Momma Bird leaving the nest to much, but it is rainy today and she hasn't left them! She expands her wings just enough so the nest gets NO water in it. She cuddles them and loves on them! It is just absolutely amazing and fascinating to watch!  A mothers love isn't limited to just humans, but to any and every type of Mother! It is wonderful! I think that is why I am so fascinated with this Momma bird. I just love being a mommy and watching this bird, being a Mommy, warms my soul!

You probably can't tell, but she has expanded her wings to shelter the nest! I thought it was really neat!


Rina said...

We have watched baby robins in the past too. We had two nests in trees in our yard last year! I read about them and found out that after they fly the nest (but aren't great flyers yet) Daddy Robin hops around on the ground with them to keep them safe. He also teaches them how to find the right types of food at the right times of day and they find a little homebase (like under a bush) until the babies can fly and take care of themselves. Prety awesome!

Rina said...

So I just got to thinking that I have also blogged about the adventures of a robin's nest. So here is my post from a few years ago:

Nikki said...

Erin!!! I loved your post! Thanks for letting me read it! I think the saddest day will be when they leave! I have grown way to attached to these little birds!