Baby Pigeons

 I thought that we had baby pigeons hatching about a week ago, but that darn pigeon would never leave the nest! But I finally got a picture of at least one baby pigeon up there. The whole time I had the camera right in her face she was giving me the "if you come any closer I'll poke your eyes out" look. Luckily she didn't but when I got up there she sat on them and didn't want me to see them. Thankfully one baby bird didn't like getting smushed and poked his head out!

We took this picture a couple of days ago and you can see a little bit of the baby birds fathers underneath the Momma.

 You can see the head and beak in these two.

 And here is the death stare I was talking about! I left after this one! I didn't want to risk my luck anymore!

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