Job search

So I am on the job search. I haven't had a job outside of the home in 5 1/2 years. I hate to get a job but we just don't have an option right now. We have to move cause Sam is only licensed to practice law in Arizona, but as of right now, we don't have any money to move on. 

If we could just get our hands on $5,000, life would be good. If anyone has an extra $5000 laying around and wants to donate it to the "Richardson moving/getting on top of our finances before we move fund", that would be AWESOME! 

 I couldn't afford to put my kids in day care (and I think I would sell my limbs before I did that)so I could only work late afternoon or night shifts. Sam gets home at 5 and could take the kids then. We would only need a sitter for about 2 hours a day during the afternoon. That would also cost us money, but less than a day care. 

Life is just unfair sometimes. I want to be a stay at home Mommy and never miss a thing and so far that has been the case! If I miss something that Ace does for the first time, I could possibly explode with sadness.

 I feel like I am between the rock and hard place and it is only gonna get more snug!


Anonymous said...

You need to clean houses! you would rock people's socks off!

Rina said...

Your kids sure are cute. I wish we still lived nearby. I'd be happy to watch your kids for free a couple hours a day. I think Piper and Kaden would have fun and Ali and Odi would be so cute playing together. Bummer that you have to get a job.... Maybe you can start selling baby birds. :) Good luck.