Meet Bully

So I have kinda, sorta, maybe, embraced my bird-ness and have started feeding the birds some stale crackers I found in my cupboard. I put them out on a table I have out there right by the glass doors and then we get to watch the birds eat. We mostly have Finches but today we had this big, mean, ugly bird. He would have been fine but he was chasing all the nice pretty birds away and then eat all the crackers! Piper named him Bully cause that is what she said he was doing. (We just had a FHE about bullies and what Heavenly would want us to do, etc etc.) anyway, I told the kids if they saw Bully, they were to scare him off by any means necessary! No rooms for punk birds in my backyard!

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Rina said...

I feel like I have found my kindred spirit in bird-watching! Ha ha! So this is a red-winged blackbird and totally a jerk. I was running over at Coffee Creek one day and was attacked by one! It actually scratched my head with his nasty little diseased bird talons as I apparently ran too close to his nest.

We have tons of them here - they nest in the marsh behind our house - and I tell my kids to punch them or hit them with a stick if they get too close.