My attempt at a craft

 So I was trying to figure out pinterest the other day and saw something along this line. It was way cuter of course, cause anything I make is never as cute as the original, but it turned out ok.

 I am still deciding what to do to finish it off though. What I saw on pinterest had stars on the blue ribbon and I really liked that but I can't seem to get the stars to look good on my ribbon. I like the wreath with no white in it, but until I get the stars figured out I needed some white on there. One day I will be good with crafts and being creative until I will just stick with buying others talents!

 I bought all the supplies for under $7 and it took about 2 hours to finish. Sam even helped me. So it was fun and easy and cheap and I got to spend time with Sam, so I guess it was worth it!!

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