Run away

So I am at a Relief Society activity tonight and Sam volunteered to babysit for the ladies that were there and so we all went.  I was just explaining to some ladies that Bud is kind of a runner and I have to keep eyes on him. Not 10 minutes later, Sam tells me he can't find Thaddeus anywhere in the building. Go start the panicked Mommy mode! I start searching for him but of course I have to keep my eyes on the other 3 so I mostly leave the searching to Sam, but he is eating refreshments in the same room with me! I start to get a little irritated. I give the girls some cookies and start my own search. About 10 minutes later a friend of mine comes in from outside holding a screaming Thaddeus! He told me he was just going to the car cause he wanted to go home and go to bed! I wanted to spank him, scream at him, hug him and cry with him all in one! Luckily I made it outside before I started to hyperventilate. ( I do my freaking out once the whole crisis is over. ) Our #1saying in the Richardson household is "We have rules to keep us safe and happy". Thaddeus got a good lesson in that tonight, and so did Mommy!

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