Acey Happenings

So my baby is now 9 months old! I took him to the doctor for his check up. 75% for height and head but only the 25th for for weight. Tall and lean. He is a super fast crawler, stands unassissted, feeds himself, says Momma and Dad, will walk anywhere with a walker or holding my hand, and he took his first step just 2 days ago!!! Talk about growing up way to fast!!! I even gave him his first hair cut! Now if he could just cut a tooth!!

He has learned to climb the stairs. He hasn't mastered the coming down yet but with all his helpers it wont take long.

His absolutely favorite thing is a ball! He will throw it and chase it and wrestle with it. Entertainment for hours!

Shaggy Ace

 Handsome big boy Ace!

His first sep! I was lucky enough I had the camera but he did it! Amazing!! Sad but amazing!
 Even superman needs an afternoon nap in the middle of the floor.

Doesn't he have the most handsomest smily face! I love him!!

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