So I came to a friends house and took over her computer while she wrangles my kids so I could blog! So real quick, a couple of updates. Sam is still searching for a job. He had a paper route to earn some cash but quit after a couple of weeks. Piper is gearing up for school and reading super fast. Thaddeus is becoming my super big helper. He is learning to swim and take very good care of his baby brother. Odi is warming up to the idea of peeing in the potty and is talking like a pro! She can put on her own shoes and undress herself. Still working on the dressing part but first things first! Aceys update is below. ANd for me, I have lost 5 more pounds and started the morning shift at Target. I get up at 2:45 am and clock into work at 3:30 am til almost 8. Then head home and start my day with the kids. It is a long day, but I feel good to be doing something to help my family. I miss being a "stay at home" mom, but I do enjoy working. It helps that my kids are asleep the whole time I am working!  And I bet I will like the pat check even more!   

This post is dedicated to my awesome wonderful beautiful friend Amanda!!! Without her, you all would still be in the dark about all the Richardsons Happenings!! 


Laura said...

I don't know whether you'll be able to see this Nikki, but I just wanted to know that I think you're amazing to be able to work such hard and long hours. Good thing it's not for too long! Josh and I fasted for you guys this weekend and you are in our prayers. Wishing you a great job offer soon!

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