I am still nursing Acey. I have never nursed longer than 6 months and by then the kid didn't want to nurse anymore and it was so easy to stop. But not my stubborn Acey. He loves it and I can't get him to take a bottle. 

Any tips?


Amanda and Chris said...

I tried to cut out one session at a time. I don't know if he will let you do that, but I don't really have any other tips. I had trouble with my milk supply and Mitchell didn't want to keep nursing after 6 months either. Good luck!

Kelsey said...

Maybe put juice in a bottle so it is a treat? Anyway, good luck!

Webster family said...

My oldest would never take a bottle (I nursed her until she was 14 months). She did however take a sippy cup when she was 6 months old. Find one that has a soft top and try that.