The worst day of my life.....

 ....was June 2nd, 2005. It was the day before Sam and I got married. I had a teeny tiny one bedroom apartment and I had my family staying with me. I went to go get my brother and his wife and their little boy from the airport. On the way back to my house, my tire blew. I went to Wal-Mart to get it fixed and everyone abandoned me at wal-Mart for 5 hours til my tire was fixed. I went home and my sister was tired and wanted to put her baby down. My brothers wife wanted to stay home and put her baby to bed and my sister in laws mother came and she wanted to stay with her grandbaby and my mom wasn't feeling well so anyway, I didn't go out and celebrate my last night as a single women. Instead I went to go decorate the church for the ceremony (we were married civilly)  then came home and did a couple of touch ups to my wedding dress that my mom was supposed to have done days earlier and ended up sleeping on my dinning room floor without even a pillow. The babies had my bed, the parents had the couches and my brother had my air mattress. Luckily, the next day was the best day of life! I married my best friend! He has been everything I hoped for and more. My first marriage totally ruined what the day should have been, but a year later we were sealed for all time and eternity in the Mesa, Az. temple! We have had a spectacular ride so far and I can't wait for more!

We decided to actually go out for our anniversary and spend some time together before our Summer gets out of control. We went to a Mexican restaurant "Salsa's". We went to a Mexican restaurant on our first date. We went for ice cream and then headed to the theaters to see "Snow White and the Huntsman" We talked and talked and laughed and reminisced. It was a fantastic evening!

 Sam at the restaurant

  Reason #19 why I don't like having a larger chest. No matter how skinny my waist is, I will always look thick, or heavy, or fat in every picture I ever take!
 Why I thought this was picture worthy, I don't know, but I still think it is a funny picture!??
 We tried taking a good picture of us in our seats, but it wasn't happening and then the batteries died in my camera, so we never got one. Oh well! If you are wondering if the movie was any good. It was. I didn't like the ending, but it was good. Anything with Thor in it, is pretty good. I am a fan of Thor don't ya know?

I love you Sambo! I wouldn't want to have anyone else's babies, so I guess that's true love!  

 "No measure of time would be long enough, but lets start with forever."

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