So if you are diabetic, lactose intolerant, and anemic, what snacks would you eat? Yeah, I'm drawing a blank as well! And I could sure use a snack!!! I have eaten so much humus and veggies lately, it is literally coming out my ears. Having so many restrictions on food and yet you have to eat every 2 to 3 hours is really starting to get annoying! But if you do have a suggestion I would love to hear them!!!


ElliottMom said...

Diabetic? I remember you had gestational diabetes when you were pregnant...are you making an announcement? ;) Maybe you should snack on pieces of steak...low carb, high iron. So sorry about all this!

charlotte said...

Bummer about the diabetes :( but good news I know a bit about it since Jason has type 1 diabetes. Here are some pointers:

Try switching pasta for a veggie, examples would be making lasagne with zuccini slices instead of noodles. It sounds crazy but it super delish! Or try spaghetti squash instead of spaghetti noodles.

Another great thing to do is to pair protein with carbs, example: 1/2 cup of raspberries with a 1/4 of unsalted almonds. An orange with 2 cheese sticks. a half of banana with 2 tbls peanut butter.
The purpose of pairing the carbs with protein is that it will help you feel fuller longer as well as, the carbs will not be metabolized as quickly when paired with a protein.
I know it can be difficult but you can do it!

I have many more suggestions if you would like. You can call me (623)451-3569 or email me

Seriously, I am pretty passionate about diabetes and would love to help you :)

Rami said...

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charlotte said...

I was just checking your blog to see if you have had your baby?! I am sure you are mega busy but I would love to hear how life is going for you and Sam :) Best wishes!