Sam and I babysat Brooklyn tonight while her parents went and celebrated her mommies birthday tonight. Piper loves Brooklyn and she loves the fact that she will follow her anywhere! Her parents want Piper to teach her to walk. She is 10 months now and I told them that is when Piper started walking so they hope her influence will rub off on her. Piper had a hard time sharing, but got used to the idea as long as I wasnt holding Brooklyn. That apparently is not for negotiation, that and her silky. I guess there are some things in life you just dont share!


Elliott Mom said...

Hey, Nikki, this is Kelli's friend Sarah. Where did you get that ADORABLE brown dress that Piper is wearing? It's too cute!!!

Nikki said...

Hey Sarah!! I get all of Pipers clothes at Target! They have such cute clothes and they are better than Wal-Mart and just a cheap! I get asked about that dress all the time!!