All Alone

My mom left today after being here for 5 weeks. She helped me so much with Piper and then when Thad came she did so much. Stayed up every night with him, made dinner, and cleaned. I have been on my own for one day and am exhausted! I am so glad that my mother was able to come be with me during delivery. It is so awesome to have my mom experience me bringing in life. She is such a strength to me and when I grow up if I could be just half the wife, mother and friend she is, then I did alright. Piper absolutely adored my mom. She called her Mimi after a while instead of Grammy, it was so cute. She would steal my moms socks right before she put them on and would run and hide and wait for my mom to chase her, or she would go sit in her spot on the couch when my mom got up and would wait for her to get back no matter how long it took. We will all certainly miss my mom and not just for her help but for being such a wonderful mom and grandmother!
Thank you mommas! I love you!
OK, so after our photo session with my mom last night we thought we would try to get a family picture in while we had someone to take it for us. Well it was a nice thought, but that was just it, a thought. This is my life in a nutshell. Sam and I happy and ready to go, but Piper is pouting and Thaddeus is screaming. Where is that bottle when you need it most!


sarabowles said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Nikki I love the family picture! WHERE THE HECK IS THE DANG PLUG!!! I totally hear you. I wish they had plugs for six year olds.

Wonder Woman said...

Now real life begins. I'm so glad your mom was able to be there for so long. What a help.

Good luck!!

Grammy of 9 said...

Sweetheart, you made me cry with what you said! I miss you all so much. Kisses all around, 'k?

Elliott Mom said...

5 weeks? You lucky thing, you!

I appreciate the prayers - I will need ALL of them!! :) I already asked your mom to send me advice!