Thaddeus is 1 month old

Well, this has been the fastest month! My baby is one month old today. I waited, it felt like, an eternity to get him here!! It has been a great, tiring, chaotic, and the best month. I think we are finally getting into a routine. Piper is getting used to the idea that he isn't leaving and that she has to share mommies time, which she doesn't like, but what can you do? It breaks my heart when I am trying to get Thad to sleep or feeding him and Piper comes up to me, holds her arms up and says in the sweetest little girl voice, "Momma, hold you please" and I can't!! Makes me want to cry everytime.

Since I am formula feeding Thad, after my breast infection and him not gaining any weight on the boob, Sam and I have started taking turns getting up with him. Every other night is my night and last night was fortunately my night! I feed him and put him in bed at 10 o'clock and he didn't wake up again to eat till 5 IN THE MORNING!! I don't know how I got so lucky, but it was awesome.

OK so I intended to breast feed him, but at week 2 I got a breast infection and it hurt so bad to feed him, it was like 30 minutes of pure torture! Well we went in for his checkup and he had only gained 7 ounces in 2 weeks. He was still jaundice cause he wasn't gaining enough to clean it out of him and he had a bacterial infection from my infection around his "stuff". So anyway, we stopped breastfeeding and got him on formula and in one week he had gained 9 ounces, the jaundice left and his infection is clearing up! He is now almost 10 pounds! For a while I felt like the worst mother. I just couldn't do right by this kid, but I think he will live afterall!
This is just a little timeline of his first month.
My baby boy fresh out!
2 weeks old.
You can see he has lots of blonde hair and still very yellow!
1 month
This is my baby boy today! Lots bigger and lots whiter!


salena said...

Thats the best when they sleep for a long stretch like that! He's a cutie!

Wonder Woman said...

He's looking great! I had no idea you had such a hard time with him. Feeling like a bad mom is the worst, especially when you can't do anything about it.

Yay for 7 hours of sleep!! Eric does the same thing Piper does. "Mom, you wanna hold me." It's not a question and it cracks me up.

I promise that it will get easier! And more fun!! Good luck. Hang in there.

Becca said...

I am so glad that things are getting better for you and Thad. I hear ya on the frustration of infections, and trying to take care of other kiddos. Hang in there kids need to learn that they are not the only object of your affection.

sarabowles said...

He has changed alot in a month!!! I am so excited for you that he slept for seven hours straight. I miss you!