My wonderful husband

Do you ever feel just completely disgusting and your husband thinks you haven't looked sexier? Well that is my Sambo. I just had a baby, don't get dressed anymore cause none of my pants fit or shirts, I don't do my makeup, I might brush my teeth and take a shower, but don't count on it! I have more important things to do, like sustain life, make sure my house is running and sleeping whenever possible. But for some reason, my wonderful husband thinks I am sexier than ever. I know he is delusional, but it makes me feel not completely horrid! He loves me and loves me even more everyday! I can't help but love him back just as much! I thought I loved Sam the day we married but I love him more and more everyday! I am one lucky girl!
anyway..... I can't post without updating you on my new baby and old baby! Piper still loves her brother! She has a few times gotten upset when she wants to sit on my lap and I am feeding him, but other than that he hasn't really changed her life much. He is getting bigger and bigger and just a joy! I have really missed all the newborn things babies do. Piper has wanted me to hold her the way I hold Thad, but it is harder to hold her as a baby since she is the size of a 3 year old!
12 days old
You can really see his blonde hair! I hope it stays that way! He already has really long eyelashes! Blonde hair, blue eyes, long lashes, I hope I can keep all the girls away!
14 days old
Since we named him after his grandpa (aka Papa) I thought he needed a shirt to reflect it! Sam was getting ready to take his mom Kadell to the airport and I needed a picture, so Piper got up there and said the biggest CHEESE! I love the picture! Such big smiles from all! We loved having Kadell here for a few days! We were sad to say goodbye already!


Wonder Woman said...

Thaddeus is too cute. I mean it. He doesn't look like every other newborn. Seriously adorable. I'm having some SERIOUS baby envy over here!! I wish we lived closer. We miss you guys.

Becca said...

I am so glad that my brother has learned well. He just sees you the way you really are.... beautiful!!!
As for your kiddos, how could they not be adorable? Look at their parents.

Natalie said...

Matt thought the same thing after I had Tyler. I thought maybe all the studying made him crazy! Sam is a great husban for realizing what a great girl he married. Your kids are so cute!

The Studes said...

soooo cute.. and it's crazy how fast they change at that age!
Congrats you two!