why I love him.....

I am married to the best guy! Here are ten reasons why.....

1. He puts up with all my random insecurities, my nagging, my constant cleaning, my non-stop questions, my demands, etc etc.... you get the point. I will tell him I am craving a chocolate milkshake and 15 minutes later I am holding one in my hand! That is love!

2. He never once refuses to eat anything I make. When we were first married I would burn everything I cooked, or way under cooked it, but he never once asked to order a pizza, or said he wasn't hungry. He just ate it then helped clean the dishes.

3. He loves our kids. I knew he would be a good daddy, but he is an amazing daddy! He plays with them, holds them, listens to them, teaches them. He helps out with raising them way more than I thought he would with law school and everything and I know that it is a sacrfice to lose a little study time for play time, but he makes it willingly and happily!

4. The first thing he does when he gets home is come find me and kiss me! But the best thing is the way he looks at me when he finds me! Complete joy and adoring! You can tell he loves me and has honestly missed me.

5. I love the way he cuddles me. His whole body can cover mine. I know it is because he is 100 pounds heavier than me and 10 inches taller, but we just fit perfectly like puzzle pieces.

6. I know he could protect me against anything! He is so strong and brave and would do anything for me. I think if it ever came to it, that he would die for me.

7. He works so hard to provide for our small family. He goes to school, reads literally hundreds of pages of text a day, writes 45 page papers, is at school everyday, just so I can stay home and raise our kids. He is so selfless.

8. He is constantly telling me how beautiful I am. It angers him that I do not believe him. I do believe that he believes that and I love that he does! I am not always the most beautiful thing out there. There are days I go without showering, or putting on makeup, and we are lucky if I brush my teeth! But he says those are the days when he sees it most cause he knows I am putting our children first and that I love them more than words and that he says that makes me more beautiful. It can, however, get annoying when you have just given birth and you have a guy who has no idea the amount of pain you just went thru to bring his spawn into the world, telling you you are beautiful and then gets mad when you don't believe him!

9. I love how he is ALWAYS showing off for me and flirting with me. There are days where I have had a screaming toddler wrapped around my leg all day, a newborn crying and spitting up on my blue shirt so much that the shoulders are now white, and I want nothin but to scream, and then home comes Sam and he has me laughing in minutes! He can always make me laugh! When we go grocery shopping and come home with 30+ plastic bags, he insists that he carries them all up the stairs himself just to show me how strong he is! So adorable!

10. I love that he hates to be tickled. This big macho tough guy is so strong and can take out anyone right, but can't stand for his 100 pound wife to tickle him! I think it is adorable. I just cant resist doing it. He gets mad at me, but seeing him squirm like that, trying to get away from me while he is tangled in the blankets, is worth the 5 minutes of him not talking to me!

I love my husband. I am so glad I found him and he convinced me to marry him! He hasn't always made me the happiest wive in town, but he loves me. We aren't perfect but we are working on it together! I wouldn't change one thing about him for any reason! He is my dream come true! I love you Sambo, and I am so glad I get to spend an eternity with you. I wish it were longer.

June 3, 2005 Our Wedding Day

Diamondback game June '05
Huntington Beach California May '06
Salt Lake City Temple July '06
December 29, 2008. Right before the birth of our son.


sarabowles said...

Nikki you are such a sap!!!! Gross. I am so happy for you guys. You deserve to feel special all the time! You rock!

Nikki said...

I know! When did I get so sappy and emotional!??

Grammy of 9 said...

How wonderful. You don't know how happy it makes your mommas to hear how happy you are. Much love to Sam for taking such good care of you. I love him so much.

Chandler Family said...

alright missy you are making the rest of us look bad...I hope you are all feeling better! guess what 3 more days till your b-day!!

Richardson Five said...

That was so sweet. You are such a good wife. I am so glad Sambo scored a gal like you. You are a perfect match!

Amy said...

awe.. you guys are so cute! It makes me sick! haha, just kidding! you're awesome!