pregnancy woes

I love having babies. I love being a mommy. I hate being pregnant.
I love feeling the baby move and knowing that I am making a baby from scratch, but all the pain, the nausea, the hunger, the swelling, the size of me, and most of all THE PASSING OUT, is just horrid! I am anemic when I am pregnant and it is something that isn't a big deal unless I am not being careful. If I don't get enough sugar I have the tendency the get light headed and usually pass out. With Piper it happened about twice a week, with Thaddeus I got the hang of it and only passed out once the whole pregnancy, but with Odessa, I pass out maybe once a week. You would think my third pregnancy in 2 years that I would have the hang of this! I know what will cause the episode but some times it is unavoidable. Like when I take a shower and am standing for a long time with the heat and steam, then get out, just about every time I will pass out! Walking for about 15 minutes will get my blood sugar to low, just about anything can get it to low. I usually have some sugar with me, or a soda, or something. But sometimes I am fine then I wake up on the floor with Piper telling me to wake up and play! I never pass out for more than 10 to 20 seconds, but it is scary when I have a 2 year old and an 11 month old running around! One time when I was pregnant with Piper, Jake (Sam's brother), Sam and I went to Jason's (Sam's youngest brother) High School basketball game, and I started to feel faint. (I was sitting to long and lost the blood flow added on to the heat in the gym) I told Sam and he put his arm around me so I wouldn't fall off the blechers. The next thing I knew 3 minutes had passed! SO embarrassing but luckily I think only Sam and Jake knew about it!
Why can't I be one of those happy, cheerful, wonderful pregnant ladies that LOVE being pregnant?
I want the babies so I guess I will keep doing it!?


sariqd said...

I found your blog in my search for "æbleskiver" and it said Sam's family has the tradition of making them for General Conference weekend. While I couldn't find it in your blog, it did give me a chance to peruse - hope that's okay! And? I had to laugh about your hating being pregnant. I too, am pregnant and have to deal with low blood pressure which makes it utterly impossible for me to go anywhere. Can we say, "cabin fever?" Ugh!
Anyway - off to search for æbleskiver recipes as that is going to be one of our new Christmas Eve traditions! :)

Chandler Family said...

Ok anyone that is happy and has good pregnancies deserves to have the colicky and reflux babies! (oh wow I sound to all those happy pregnant people)