So, Piper is back to being stubborn. Which is doubly frustrating this time cause she was doing perfect! No accidents, no close calls, no wet panties. It is just like a few months ago where she just decides she doesn't want to pee in the potty anymore. I have taken away her tv shows, her fun snacks (like popsicles), she goes to bed early, she has to wear the wet panties and pants all day, I wont hold her when her pants are wet, she goes to time out, AND NOTHING SEEMS TO EFFECT HER! She would still rather pee her pants. If we are out at a store somewhere, she will tell me and we don't have a problem, the problem is ONLY AT HOME!??
She is so stubborn. More and more like me EVERYDAY!!!


Wonder Woman said...

I'm not laughing. ;o)

It has been a continuous struggle with Eric. Just this morning, he pooped his pants instead of going to the potty. Well, he had JUST used the potty, but still pooped his pants. It's so frustrating. Something I tried and still do sometimes with Eric is tell him that if he acts like a baby and messes his pants, then I'll treat him like a baby. He has to take a nap. Does Piper still nap? Might not work if she does. And maybe making her wear wet panties all day just gets her used to it -- it's not as uncomfortable after a few hours.

Good luck. Seriously. It is SO frustrating!!

Laura said...

Potty training is so not fun! Don't worry she will figure it out. My kids were stubborn too. One of my kids was not completely trainned until 5 years old! Don't lose all hope yet.