My almost 3 month old

My Baby Odi is 11 weeks old today. Talk about crazy. She has done nothing but sleep and eat for the past few days so we are hoping that she is growing!! Her 0-3 months clothes are finally fitting her! YAY for growing! She likes to watch me every spare moment she has. She loves to hold meaningful conversations with you, and loves loves loves to smile! We are still trying to get her on a schedule. Piper and Thad both put themselves on a schedule at about 4 weeks. Odi is not! I am trying but with her getting a slow growth start and me having to feed her all the time, her feeding schedule is not normal. Her trying to catch up on the growing part and only sleeping for days makes it hard to feed her at the same time, and since she is sleeping a lot, her nights are not as smooth as they once were. I know once we can get her on a schedule, our lives will get much easier. She can sleep about 9 to 10 hours at night if she isn't sleeping all day. She is my most difficult baby. Piper would have been more difficult if she wasn't the only baby I had. Thaddeus was an angel baby, but he is making up for that now!! Maybe Odi is harder cause she is the 3rd and I still have 2 other babies that need me 100% of the time. But if I am being honest, I wouldn't change once moment of the past 5 years of my life! As hard as it is, my kids are my everything and they bring me so much joy! I love you baby Odi, schedule or not! If you are wondering who is making her smile like that, IT'S ME! "You are my biggest fan!" I wish I could get her conversation on picture! She will just coo at me for hours! She sat in her bumbo on the counter for about 15 minutes chatting away, while I cleaned up dinner and washed dishes. As long as she could see me, she was fine!


Grammy of 9 said...

I can not wait to get there! How many more weeks??? Try not to stress about your talk, let Sam have most of the time, and just sit up there looking pretty. That's something you do very well!

Rina said...

She looks so grown up! I think Alina might have her in size, but Odi looks so much older, even though she's only 3 weeks older. I'm glad she is content to sit for you. Alina prefers to be held when she is awake and refuses to take naps... makes life interesting.