1st hair cut for Piper

My sister in law Becca said the best way to get Piper's hair long and thick is to cut off all the baby hair! Which her hair is anything but long and thick! . It is so thin and she is almost 4 and her hair just now grew past her shoulders and it has never been cut, til now! She has always told me that girls don't get their hair cut and I agree with her, but I want her hair to be thick and long and gorgeous so I thought we would try Becca's technique. She wouldn't stand for it, but I told her she would be like Rapunzel after her hair was cut and she was all for it then!
Of course she wouldn't hold still, she has never had her hair cut and I am NOT professional. SO I wanted to just trim it but with all the said circumstances, it got shorter and shorter.
It turned out really cute. Really short, but really cute! I miss the long hair, but as I have learned from all my mistakes a.k.a cutting my hair, it always grows back. So we will enjoy it for the once and only time it will be short!
Cute right!!?? With a pretty face like that, how could I go wrong! She has only said she likes it and keeps smiling so lets hope it is the same tomorrow!
Then it was Bud's turn. He gets his hair cut a lot. He ran to the chair, climbed up and asked for candy! Candy is a great motivator!! Don't judge!
I made it threw my 3 year olds, almost 4 year olds, first hair cut and didn't cry! Do I get candy for that??


Grammy of 9 said...

Tell Piper that MeMe thinks her hair is darling! Only she looks so grown up, I DON'T like that! (Don't tell her that!) I love all the pics you've posted since you've been back in IN.

Richardson Five said...

SOOOOOO cute Piper!!!

Becca said...

I LOVE IT!!! And yes it will grow back long and beautiful!! until then she will look so cute with her short grown up hair.