35 Week appt.

I will be 35 weeks tomorrow. This whole pregnancy I have been measuring big and since we are getting closer to my due date they wanted an ultrasound to see just how big he was. Well his body and organs were measuring between 37 to 38 weeks. His head was at 40 WEEKS and he was measuring in at 6 1/2 pounds! That is a full term baby in there!! He should be this size 5 weeks from now!!!!!! They also said that I had a lot of fluid. Isn't the problem usually not enough fluid? They told me to watch my diet and and we would have regular ultrasounds every other appt./week till he was born. We always knew he was going to be big, but having his head measuring 5 weeks AHEAD of schedule is a VERY VERY VERY SCARY AND PAINFUL THOUGHT! I plan on doing this labor medication free or do I?????


Wonder Woman said...

Holy cow!! Did you and your dr. talk about the possibility of taking him early? If you do, induction + natural is NOT a method I recommend. Did it with Isaac and it was wretched.

As far as natural labor and head size go, the most painful part is the contractions. Not the pushithng so much. So I wouldn't let that affect your decision too much. Just be open to the options in case things change.

Good luck!!!!!!!

Grammy of 9 said...

Early is sounding better to me. If he is mature enough, I'm not sure I'd wait. Remember that test we talked about for his lungs? You might consider asking the doc about it. I'd hate to see you all torn up again like with Piper. At the very least I'd rethink the no medication strategy. I just don't want you to hurt any more than is absollutley a must. Your "mommas" loves you.

Rina said...

Will they induce you early? Natural birth on pitocin sucks - I've done it twice, unfortunately.

Also, if this makes you feel any better, I recently read something that said measuring a baby via ultrasound is only about 38% accurate and often measures big. Here's to hoping?