The last time I really worked out was about 6 years ago before I got pregnant with Piper. Needless to say, I am wayyyyy out of shape. I have to get my body back before it explodes and is impossible to save. My tummy bounced back after Piper, bounced right back after Thaddeus. It took a few extra months with Odi, but I guess the 4th time around, my body doesn't want to work with me at all!! I still have a good 20 pounds to lose and at least 15 inches in the waist. I enlisted Sam to help me by telling me what will help me get the results I want, what weights to lift, how many reps to do, etc etc and most importantly keep me motivated! I do what he tells me then I get on the elliptical everyday for at least 10 minutes. I go as long as I can or until there is a crisis in the toy room. I will keep you posted on my progress. I started at 130 pounds and 38 inches around. Wow am I embarrassed to write little lone have people read that. I have never had a body issue, but have always been self conscience about my body. But now that I do have a problem and am at my biggest and heaviest ever, I decide to tell people now! I HAVE LOST IT! Well, wish me luck!


Laura said...

You can do it Nikki! I commend your braveness. Remember to take those dreaded before pictures so that a year from now you can see how awesome you'll have done. I took mine after Bear, and wouldn't share them with anyone, but they're good to look at and see what I accomplished. Good luck :)

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