Bullying discussion

Sam and I were talking to Piper about bullies and how she should handle them. I told her use her words and tell the bully to stop and if he or she didn't then to go to a teacher, or her parents. Sam's advice was to use her words, but if they pushed her or hit her at all, to take a swing at them!! AAHHH!!! WHAT WAS HE THINKING? I tried explaining that if you push back it wont solve anything. It makes Piper just as bad as the bully. Sam wants her to stand up for herself and not let someone push her around. I have always told my kids, we never hit for any reason! I have also always told them that we never call someone names cause it could hurt their feelings and we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. We don't say words like stupid, or loser, or ugly, or that we hate someone. All these things I have tried teaching my kids and it is all destroyed with Sam saying, "Hit them back".  

What would you tell your kids? Hit or not to hit?


Rina said...

We definitely go back and forth on this one. I say don't hit at all, but then Brad will say "unless..." I just think that kids this young are too young to grasp the concept when it would be appropriate to stand up for yourself. I myself would hit back, but you don't want your kids to get the wrong idea and become the bully. So, not sure what to tell you.

ElliottMom said...

We're more with Sam on this one (sorry). Don't start the fight under any circumstances - but they better finish it. :)

I have a feeling you might stir up a lot of mixed feelings with this one!