My "garden"

 I really want a garden. I don't have anywhere to put a garden but I relaly want one. I do have a flower bed and planted some pretty flowers that are supposed to grow back every year. I was sure I was kill them and they would never bloom but last year they did. I redid the flower bed this year and out some flower seed down and totally forgot I had the re-blooming lowers in there. ANd lucky me, all 3 (one for each kid, at the time) started to grow again. And today, Odi's bloomed! I broke a pedal when I was watering, but the kids were so excited and so was I! I wanted to plant these flowers and even when we were gone, their flowers would come back. Leave a little piece of us here in South Bend.

 Odi's nursery leader gave her a tiny little plant and she said it was supposed to be broccoli. I was sure it wouldn't grow but watered it anyway. A couple of weeks later I had an actual plant! and a couple of months later I have a broccoli plant! I didn't kill it either! It is a miracle! The same nursery leader of Odi's had some extra tomato plants and offered them to me so I took them! I hope they produce tomatoes! We will have a feast of broccoli and tomatoes and if my strawberries will get with it, strawberries!

Here is my tiny little garden! I am so proud!!  The tall one in back is the broccoli. Amazing right?

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